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Diversify your portfolio with our capital growth-focused UITFs.

Capture the growth of the biggest economies and harness the power of megatrends.

Invest in companies that will benefit from themes that have strong long-term capital growth potential. Participate in the growth of the biggest companies in the world.

All our capital growth-focused funds have the following fund features:


Multi-Currency Structure for Offshore Funds PHP-Unhedged and USD 
Single-Currency Structure for Onshore Funds PHP
Minimum Initial Investment P1,000 or $100
Minimum Succeeding Transaction Amount P1,000 or $100
Early Redemption Charge None


Manulife American Growth Equity Feeder Fund
Gain access to the world’s largest equity market that hosts the biggest companies with the most dominant global presence and brand value.
<p>Manulife ASEAN Equity Feeder Fund</p>
Take advantage of ASEAN's robust growth opportunities, fueled by favorable demographics, tourism and digital transformation.
<p>Manulife Asia Best Select Equity Fund</p>


Invest in Asia's best-in-class companies that capture growth catalysts from shifts in structural trends and demographics.
<p>Manulife Dragon Growth Equity Feeder Fund</p>
Access the robust growth potential of China, the most populous country and the second largest economy in the world.
Manulife Equity Wealth Fund
Gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of professionally selected companies that are listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).
Manulife Global Clean Energy Equity Feeder Fund
Capture the opportunities from global companies that support the shift from fossil fuel to clean energy. 
Manulife Global Dynamic Leaders Equity Feeder Fund
Seize global investment opportunities. Gain access to an elite selection of global companies with powerful brands. 
Manulife Global Healthcare Equity Feeder Fund
Invest in innovative companies that offer groundbreaking medical solutions.
Manulife Global Technology Equity Feeder Fund
Invest in a fund that offers a growth oriented and diversified approach to investing in the technology sector.
Manulife Global Thematic Opportunities Equity Feeder Fund
Invest in the world ahead. Access global megatrends that transform our future and the global investment landscape.
Manulife India Equity Feeder Fund
Invest in a rising economic powerhouse, with a young and large population fueling its domestic-driven growth.

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Talk to a Wealth Specialist to know more about UITFs.

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