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Equity strategy:

Manulife Global Technology Equity Feeder Fund

Break through with Tech investing!

Digital Transformation

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Relevance in the new normal

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Award-winning technology strategy

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The world is rapidly evolving through digitalization. Don’t get left behind - your investments should evolve too! 


From process automation to big data, digitalization shapes our world today. More and more businesses are embarking on the digital journey and adopting digital tools to remain competitive. The diversity of technology sub-sectors and the prevalence of technology in daily life make a strong argument for treating technology as a core element of investor portfolios.


Digital transformation


Digital transformation is a massive, multi-trillion dollar and multi-year opportunity. Several secular growth themes are impacting the technology space, as well as sectors outside of technology. Businesses will need to invest more in digital technology to better understand and serve their customers as well as improve business processes.  


Relevance in the new normal



Digitalization has evolved rapidly and continues to gain relevance in people's lives in the new normalRapid acceleration in digital transformation is seen to benefit select industry themes such as cloud computing, e-commerce and Internet-of-Things. The pandemic propelled purchases and transactions online and sparked a dramatic shift in the demands placed on the home – from serving primarily as family sanctuaries to becoming much more multifunctional and versatile spaces.


Award-winning technology strategy



The Fund invests in an award-winning technology fund that offers a growth oriented, professionally managed and diversified approach to investing in the technology sector.


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