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Here's why investing in the healthcare sector is a smart investment move

Diversify your portfolio and safeguard your finances

April 19, 2021

With the pandemic re-opening our eyes to our health and overall financial security, it gives us the chance to shift our focus on how we can better care for our physical, mental and emotional health, and stability. We ask “Am I financially prepared in case something untoward happens? Is my job secure? Am I putting ALL my money in the right place?”

Building or diversifying your investment portfolio can help you achieve financial security. Here’s why investing in your financial health, especially through a global healthcare fund is a good move:

Growing demand for healthcare. Healthcare is one of the most recession-resistant sectors as shown in its meaningful outperformance in previous downturns in the economy. Even when markets are volatile, the healthcare sector is resilient against possible economic pitfalls because of medical advances, aging populations, and unmet medical needs – all of which support long-term investment growth!

Easy access to global healthcare-related names. Manulife Global Healthcare Equity Feeder Fund gives investors access to global equity and equity-related securities in healthcare and related industries around the world for as little as Php5,000 or US$100!

Want to know more on how you can get started and grow your investment? Get in touch with a Manulife Wealth Specialist today for advice on the best ways to invest your money.

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