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Elevate your income opportunities with our income-paying UITFs!

Resilient and consistent income streams can cushion the impact of market swings.

Navigate the investment landscape with our suite of income solutions.

Our income-paying funds have the following fund features:

Multi-Currency Structure  PHP-Unhedged and USD
Minimum Initial Investment P1,000 or $1,000
Minimum Succeeding Transaction Amount P1,000 or $100
Early Redemption Charge None



Manulife Asia Dynamic Bond Feeder Fund
Capture the potential of the Asia bond market through a flexible portfolio  that benefits from interest rate, credit and currency opportunities.
Manulife Asia Pacific REIT Fund of Funds
Gain access to a well-diversified mix of high-quality retail, commercial, hotel and industrial REIT holding across Asia-Pacific.
Manulife Global Multi-Asset Diversified Income Feeder Fund
Diversify your portfolio and benefit from a wide range of traditional and non-traditional income-generating assets across the world.
Manulife Global Preferred Income Feeder Fund
Invest in a portfolio of high quality securities with above average yields accross the world. 
Manulife Global REIT Feeder Fund
Capitalize on the sustainable rental income and growth potential of high quality industrial, retail, office, and specialized REITs.

Talk to a Wealth Specialist to know more about UITFs.

Explore these investment options at the comfort of your home via our digital tool, Manulife iFunds!

Talk to a Wealth Specialist to know more about UITFs.

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